Hi - how is it going?

My name is Marcelo Valle, this is me:


Professionally, I work with software engineering since 1998. I am a huge fan of eXtreme Programming concepts like YAGNI, KISS and DRY, as well as lean start up concepts - I think it’s the best way of creating software, no matter whether it’s a big or small project.

Personally, I am progressist, atheist (almost satanist) and a person with strong opinions in many subjects, but at the same time open to divergent opinions. I like interaction of human sciences with math, that must be why a personal hobby of mine is studying philosophy. I also like computer games, specially RTS and open world RPGs and alikes.

I also have a daughter, whose birth splits my life in 2 very distinct phases: before Julia and after Julia - the happiest being the last phase.

I was born in Brazil, Sao Paulo, and I live in London since January, 2015. I love London, I felt like living in a movie in my first 2 years here and I love the cosmopolitan touch the city has.

This is my personal blog and I want to express my point of view regarding many different subjects and you’re invited to comment on my posts, even if I disagree with your opinion. I like when people disagree with me, I think the world where everyone agrees in everything must be a fake one - and being a fan of skepticism the way I am, I prefer the real one - so please make your self invited to comment in any of my posts.

I hope you find my posts useful and I hope they can aggregate in something for you.