I have just learned how to create a blog using [Jekyll][jekyll-gh]. My first idea was to write posts to medium, but it’s important to me to write posts using Markdown language, so I have opted for using Jekyll with Github Pages with my custom domain.

What do you? Was the result acceptable? You can find the source code of this website in my github project page.

I wish I could customise this more, and still keeping the updates from new versions easy, but for now this is enough and I want to focus on content, not on appearance, so hopefully the visual looks good enough. If you’re seeing this on a later time hopefully the visual will be a little bit improved?

What I loved about this is how easy it is to write a new post: I still can use my prefered markdown editor, version everything in a git repo, and all I have to do to create a new post, which can include images, is creating the images in assets/img folder and then a post in _posts folder. Once I push the commit to master, github automatically deploys and hosts it for me. Nice, uh?

And just to prove that this works, here it comes an image - a photo I took on Lego Land recently.


Do you have suggestions for improvements on how to host a blog or publishing posts? Any trade-offs? Please leave a comment below, it will be appreciated!